Senin, 08 September 2014

Little Bubble's Little Adventure

Made a game sooner. This game actually planned to be submitted for 1GAM month August, but since I was running out of time, I postponed this game and replaced with other game. After I finished the other game, I decided to continue this game and submit this game for 1GAM month September and theme Hexagons. Also, I tried the new style like my previous game "Count the 1!" and "Egg on Neddle". I am still experimenting the pattern and the color. For the next game or not, I probably will try with the lighting with this style. Also, enjoy :3.

TitleLittle Bubble's Little Adventure
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedSeptember 9th, 2014 GMT


One day, a little bubble was separated from its group of little bubbles which is forming a big bubble. Help the little bubble on its little adventure so it can go back to the group to unite and join with the big bubble.

Kamis, 04 September 2014

Egg on Needle

Did a very short game as a backup next game since my main next game couldn't be finished on time for 1GAM August :p. Also, the content is still less than the target because I was running out of time. It will be updated and polished soon after this post :3 (Ok, updating is done :3).

TitleEgg on Needle
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedSeptember 4th, 2014 GMT


An egg is meditating right now. Help it concentrate by choosing a correct choice to make it keep focus on meditating.
If you choose it wrong, the egg’s meditation will get disturbed and also cracked from the failure.