Link Exchange

Want to link exchange with Squeka-Dev? You can do it by:
  1. Putting my link in your blog (in Link Exchange gadget or similar kind) and name it as Squeka-Dev like this: Squeka-Dev
  2. Comment it in this post that you have put our blog and by including link where you put our banner
  3. Wait (if more than 7 days I haven't put yours back, you should remove my link

Also your blog must:
  1. Doesn't contain excessive pervert, gore, and malware content
  2. Contain at least 1 game you have released, or at least 3 posts about your game project, or at least 7 posts about your non-game/project related
  3. If there other questionable/other content that I haven't mentioned, I will let you know

Last revised: April 12th, 2014 in GMT+7.

4 komentar:

    Done, Thanks~

    1. I have put the link :3
      Thank you :3

  2. Site added.

    Btw, it's been a while since we don't collab like we used to make Me Wake Up series...

    1. Oah thanks :3
      I have added you back :3.

      Yeah, it has been 4 months :3