Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 4: Export As PDF

Hello, Everyone! On previous part 3, I was teaching on how to hyperlink your game content. Now, since you have finished your hyperlinking, it is the final step! Exporting your file into pdf. This step is very short and simple!

Preparing to save as pdf

  • Click the Office Icon
  • Move mouse to right arrow beside "Save As"
  • Click "PDF"

Preparing to publish as pdf

  • (Optional) be sure the "Open file after publishing" is ticked on so you can check your pdf game result immediately after published
  • Click the Publish button
  • Your game is being exported to PDF, wait until it finished.

PDF Game Result:

Assume you have your pdf reader installed (like Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader), then you can immediately play your first pdf game! Click the text that you gave in the previous tutorial. It will go to other page and it will be like a gameplay depending on what your selection.

Congratulation! You have finished your first PDF game!  Also, this is the end of basic tutorial on how to make pdf game. I might still make tutorial about tips on making  making pdf game :3.

If you still have something to ask about making pdf game, feel free to ask me :3.

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below.

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 3: Hyperlinking

Hello, Everyone! Previous part 2, I was teaching on making the game content as step for making pdf game. After making the game content, it still can't be played yet as pdf game. You still need to hyperlink it first. This hyperlink will link an element (text, picture, etc) to other page.

Before we start on hyperlinking stuffs in this tutorial, I will teach you the the basic of hyperlinking. Be sure to master this basic technique because if you make a pdf game, you will always use this to link to other page and making gameplay by going to other page.

Now, for an example. 

  • Create a text in the slide 1 (the title screen)
  • Type "Hyperlink Example"

  • After that, right click the text. Be sure when right clicking, the mouse shows 4 ways icon, not the "I" shape (like shown in the image blow).

- Choose "Place in This Document". You will see list of slides . We will focus on the slides below the Slide Titles (from Slide 1 to Slide 4).

- In this example, we will click "Slide 3".
- After that, click the OK button. You are done.

For testing, go to Slide Show by pressing F5. You will see the Title Screen. Click the "Hyperlink Example" text you made. If you go to Ending Screen, then it works. Exit from Slide Show. Delete the "Hyperlink Example" text since it won't be needed anymore.

Now, since you have learned the basic on how to hyperlink, we can go forward to hyperlink our game.

In Slide 1 (Title Screen)

  • Give hyperlink to "Start Game", choose Slide 2

In Slide 2 (Gameplay)

  • Give hyperlink to "Fight", choose Slide 3
  • Give hyperlink to "Give up", choose Slide 4

In Slide 3 (Ending)

  • Give hyperlink to "Return", choose Slide 1

In Slide 4 (Gameover)

  •  Give hyperlink to "Return", choose Slide 1

Now, test it with F5. If it goes like the list above, then you are done making the game. Congratulation! Don't forget to save it! Then for the final step, you will need to export your file into a pdf file. I will explain it in the next part "Export as PDF".

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below:

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2014

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 2: Making Game Content

Hello, Everyone! This time is part 2 where we will make the game content. In this tutorial, we will make the title screen, gameplay, ending, and game over. Also, it will be a long tutorial so I provided a content index too :3.


First before we start, let's do a small and easy configuration. At the start, the presentation page will look like this:

  • Change New Slide into Blank so you can fill more with what you want

  • Delete the Slide 1 since it won't be needed
  • Create more Blank slides until you have 4 empty slides
  • Save as "My First Game.pptx" or any you want
If you do it each step correctly, the presentation page will look like this:

Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 1: Game Engine and PDF Plugin

Before starting to make a pdf game. You need some tools. So, in this tutorial I will explain what tool you need to make a pdf game.

Game Engine

The application I use is Microsoft Power Point 2007. You can try to use other version since I haven't tested it myself. This engine will be used to make the content. Also, in this whole tutorial, I will use Microsoft Power Point 2007.

If you use the 2010 or 2013, you can save as pdf without any plugin.

PDF Plugin

This one will be important especially to export your ppt/ pptx file from Power Point into pdf. Since Power Point 2007 can't save as pdf yet, you need to install its plugin first first.

You can download the plugin free (for 2007 only):

After you downloaded it, you need to install the plugin. Be sure the power point is not opened yet to apply the effect of the plugin. If you have succeeded installing it, open your power point and click this button like the image below.

After that, you click the right arrow beside the Save As. After that, you will see the option to save your power point file as PDF.

That's the tutorial of the game engine and the pdf plugin you need to make a pdf game. The next part 2 will be about Making Game Content,

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below.

Making Your First PDF Game Tutorial

Hello, Everyone!

Since I have been making a lot of PDF games, some people keep asking me how to make it or asking me to make a tutorial so I made this tutorial on how to make a pdf game. It is actually simple. The main part of pdf game is content, hyperlink, and pdf exporter :3.

Also, this is my first time making a pdf game tutorial! There might be some parts that is not clear. So, let me know your feedback :3.  Also, when doing the tutorial, you don't have to do exactly 100% of the steps as long you get the main point.

I will divide the tutorials into parts. Also I will post each part in this posts which links to separated parts.
  1. Part 1: Game Engine and PDF Plugin
  2. Part 2: Making Game Content
  3. Part 3: Hyperlinking
  4. Part 4: Export as PDF

More about making pdf game tutorial will be posted!
Also, if you have any question regarding making pdf tutorial, feel free to ask in the comment :3.

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

Dr. Modula's Cure

I made a math game again :3! This time this game is focusing on modulo operation which is about remainder from a division. Specifically, this game is focusing on 0 as the remainder. Also, I am practicing my drawing skill on human again since it's been a long time I haven't drawn any simple human in my game.

TitleDr. Modula's Cure
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedOctober 21st, 2014 GMT


One day, Dr. Modula had patients to cure on that day using her math healing capsule. Help her by choosing the right correct to cure the patient. The correct capsule is based on the 0 remainder of division from the sickness value.