Jumat, 04 Desember 2015

Twin Clouds of Fortune

Still busy with real life. Also, I wanted to try with limited colors :3. I also tried on using thinner line. It turned out looking better for me :3.

TitleNeon Sign Fixer
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedOctober 5th, 2015 GMT


There existed a twin cloud. The bright cloud and the dark cloud. Each cloud brings a fortune. The bright cloud brings a good fortune and the dark cloud brings the bad fortune.

One day, the twin clouds were surfing the sky. While they were surfing, they found activities. One of them decided to give a fortune to them.

Now, decide while fortune to give to an activity.

Rabu, 04 November 2015

Neon Sign Fixer

I am still busy in real life, but I miss making game and wanted to do more on 1GAM. So, I made a short logic game based on theme neon :3. Also, thanks to the timezone deadline, I still can participate for october 1GAM :3.

TitleNeon Sign Fixer
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedOctober 5th, 2015 GMT


A neon sign is broken. You are asked to fix the neon sign. Help to fix the neon sign to get the reward from the client.

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Flag Capture Text Adventure

Just a very short experimental game :3. This game is for experimenting on my writing skill.

TitleFlag Capture Text Adventure
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedSeptember 5th, 2015 GMT


One day, you play a capture the flag game with 3 of your friends inside a virtual video game. All of you are playing as 2 teams with 2 individual in each team. You must steal the flag from other team to win.

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon - Quiz Mode -

Finally finished a flash quiz mode for my pdf game, especially to implement trophy and score :3. Don't forget to play the pdf game first to know more the answer of the quiz :3.

TitleHaruta's Adventure:
Doors of Trap Dungeon - Quiz Mode -
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedAugust 11th, 2015 GMT


Quiz mode of PDF Game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon".
Correcly answer all questions based on the original game.
Earn achievement and score answering them all.

Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon - Update 1.0.3: Quiz Mode + 21 Trophies + Scoreboard!

Finally finished Quiz Mode of pdf game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon"! Now you not only earn the pdf game but also earn trophies and score from playing the flash Quiz Mode! You can play the game in this game: http://gamejolt.com/games/haruta-s-adventure-doors-of-trap-dungeon/21670.

Title Screen (Quiz Mode)
In this mode, you answer all questions related with the original pdf game. You may also open the pdf game while doing the Quiz Mode, especially some questions are tricky.

Gameplay - Answering Question (Quiz Mode)
In this Quiz Mode, you can get 21 Trophies (from Bronze to Platinum in GameJolt). Also, you can compete to be the fastest answerer of all total quiz levels.

Achievement (Quiz Mode)
The Quiz Mode itself is published to flash platform. My usual programmer, NeithR (Thank you very much, NeithR! :3), programmed the flash game and also added the Gamejolt API using Haxeflixel to add the trophy and scoreboard.

I also updated the pdf games that warns user when using a pdf game reader that has problem with hyperlink. This update also recommends free pdf reader that is suitable to play pdf game. I also added Quiz Mode option in title screen.

I am planning to make more Quiz Mode for other PDF Games I have made in the past. The reason I made this Quiz Mode on this game first is because this is my first pdf game.

Lastly, enjoy! Have fun answering all the questions and earn those trophies and become one of the top in the scoreboard! :3

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

Progress of "Quiz Mode" of PDF Game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon"

Currently making a quiz mode of my old pdf game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon". It will be released on flash platform and Gamejolt site. The reason I made the flash quiz is to be able to integrate with Gamejolt API which support highscore and achievement system. Also, it will be hard to add script to pdf game especially using the API on pdf game.

The quiz's questions and answers will be based on the content of the pdf game. The quiz itself will be open book so player can look the pdf game while also take the quiz and earn the achievement.

The quiz mode will be released this Saturday, but if not, it will be will this Sunday. It is almost finished but the game still needs more polish.

Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015

Win or Lose Button 2

Made a very short game like several months ago, it is a sequel of "Win or Lose Button" :3. I made this because I am running out of time for 1GAM. Also, I am currently making flash mini game as quiz for my first pdf game: "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon", this mini game can handle achievement for Gamejolt in the future. Since the flash game was not finished yet, I made this short game instead :3.

TitleWin or Lose Button 2
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedAugust 5th, 2015 GMT


You are in an some kind empty room with only a Win button and a Lose button again… except this time they are colored!
Which button will you push?

Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Kuriwi Milkfruit

Redrawn my old oc, Kuriwi Milkfruit (the previous name was Kiwi Milkfruit) :3. Also, it is derived from my old chibi template, added with more improvements.
Kuriwi Milkfruit
The things I tried and learned on previous arts in the previous days, I applied in this art. I am glad it feels better than before :3.

Squeka's Art Study - Steak

Nom nom.
Made a steak, because I still remembered the other day I ate a meat. This is the simple phase. Will improve it in the future.

Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Meat (Highlight, More Shading, and Background)

Continued the meat I made in previous day :3. I added highlight and more shading. Also, for the last touch, I added background.

Meat (Highlight, More Shading, and Background)
Meat with Highlight, More Shading, and Background added
That's how far I can do. Not sure what should I add next. Probably some day if my art skill were more developed drastically, I probably will do more improvement with this art :3.

Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Meat (Shading and Bolder Lines)

Continuing the meat I made yesterday. So, I added shading and bolder line into the meat. For the bolder line, instead of changing the the weight of the line, I made another outline which similar with the meat's outline then fill the gap with color.
Meat with Shading and Bolder Lines added
Meat with Shading and Bolder Lines added
Usually, I have finished in this step. However, I want to go further than this. So, I will add something more from tomorrow :3.

Squeka's Art Study - Meat

Nom nom nom :3.
I just ate a meat today so I started drawing a meat. However, I will make it slowly :3. I will focus on outline and base color first :3.

Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Some Legs

Not sure how long I did, but probably around 5 minutes :3. Just made some legs. Also, I drew only few since time almost running out in daily challenge in streak club :3.
Some Legs
Some Legs
At first, I tried to draw a more detailed leg, but I couldn't. So, I tried to draw more simplistic legs like the chibis :3. Maybe I will do more with legs because I still had a lot of troubles drawing them :3.

Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Expression Faces

Finished studying on making face expressions for 100 minutes :3. I used the face from the previous drawing I made several days ago.

Expression Faces
Expression Faces
I tried many expression on her faces especially the eyes and the mouth. From this study, the direction of the line can affect of how the expression will look :3.

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - "Hello World!" Text

Finished making "Hello World" text. It is very short and I made it in less than 1 minute. I made it short since I haven't submitted to streak and I had little time left :3.

"Hello World!" Text
"Hello World!" Text
So, when making the text, I realized that I need to pay attention on text as well since I usually made my own title's text art each time I made a new game especially pdf game :3. Probably will do more text study in the future :3.

Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hair and Eyes Shading

Finished studying on hair and eyes shading for 100 minutes including the time for studying the references :3. So, I wanted to try something little new for the shading, especially the shading I did in the past still needs more detail.
Hair and Eyes Shading
Hair and Eyes Shading
So for the sample, I used the previous drawing of Tempa Soybean I did before for the study. I also did with 9 samples. For the number 9, I left it unshaded so I can use it for comparison with others. After that, I tried variety of hair and eyes shading I learned from the references I studied.
So, after the study, I feel I like the number 8 best. Also, for number 5 and 7 for the eyes, I think it is interesting for me to use it in certain cases :3.

Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hand Poses

Finally studied hand poses for 100 minutes :3. It should be done after the day I posted my OC's new outfit. However, I realized I was still very tired after doing my newest pdf game "A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms", especially I did a lot of arts in that game. I am glad that tiredness is slowly over :3.
hand poses
hand poses
So, I have tried to study hand poses which I still have problems until today, even I managed to draw some for my games. So, in this study, I tried to find a convenient way to draw hand. I tried a way from number 1 to 5, but I didn't find it convenient to me. So, from number 6 to 9, I tried to draw the structure based on the segments of the hand. I find it more convenient but I still did some mistakes. Also, I made the structure based on the hand poses photo I found in the google. First I find the photo as reference, then I drew the structure I learned from looking the photo hand. After that, without looking at the photo, I tried to draw hand again.
I am planning to do more hand poses study in the future, especially my target is to draw the hand without photo reference :3.

Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Planning More Art Study

Planning to do more art study especially I still feel missing with my art. Also, several days ago there were things I wanted to draw but I couldn't do it because of lacking of that knowledge which made me even more wanted to study more of the art :3.I feel still lack shading, human proportion, fur, texture, and many more

Also, I was inspired from my boyfriend's pixel art experiment and journal. So, in my study, I will call it "Squeka's Art Study" :3. Also, like him, I will measure how long I did that part of study.

Minggu, 07 Juni 2015

A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms

Finished making the sequel of my previous game "A Line and A Knight" (You can play the previous here) :3. It took a lot of time thinking the idea than the implementation, but I finally managed to finish them finally :3.

TitleA Knight and A Line
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 7th, 2015 GMT


Several weeks have passed since the defeat of the demon. Evil monsters appearance keep decreasing. With less evil monsters appearance, the peace is finally reached.

However, several days later, far away from a dark place, an evil creature appeared. This creature spreads poison from the dark place. Several days after that, poison gas appeared on the path of island. At first it was little. However, it became thicker and thicker. The path of the island’s air become poisonous. People who were outside far away especially adventurers and merchants got poisoned and some didn’t survive. People become unable to go far away now due to poison gas.

Several days later, a knight with the power of line, who defeated the demon several weeks ago, decided to go to find the source of the poison and defeat whatever behind it.

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

"A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms" - Progress: A Little Peek

Still making a sequel of "A Knight and A Line". It is "A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms". The idea took a lot of times than the execution, but I am not finished yet :3.

Walking inside the cave

Choosing between two paths

Also, sorry for the progress screenshot, I did a big mistake. Most of the scenes are surprise :P. Also, I submitted this for #screenshotsaturday in Twitter :3.

Kamis, 04 Juni 2015

This Person is Hungry

Made a short game for 1GAM month May (grace period). Fortunately the deadline timezone is PDT so I still have more time. Also, actually I am making a side game from "A Knight and A Line". Because it will take more times than I was planned, I decided to make a short game, inspired when I was hungry, which is also about food.

TitleThis Person is Hungry
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 5th, 2015 GMT


One day, a person is very hungry. Help the person choose the food. Because he is very hungry, he can’t notice what he will eat. Be careful when choosing the food.

Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Planning on Mini Series of "A Knight and A Line"

After resting from game development after releasing updated version of "A Knight and A Line", it is time making a new game :3.

I am still thinking with the idea for the next game. I am planning to have a mini series of "A Knight and A Line" I made several weeks ago. I was inspired from my old game "Me, Wake Up!" which also had its mini series.

Kamis, 14 Mei 2015

“A Knight and A Line” Entry Result in LD32

At May 11th ago, the result for Ludum Dare 32 was announced. My pdf game "A Knight and A Line" was an entry in the Jam category. So, here's the result:


I also got my first trophy from other participant nassi. Thank you very much, nassi! :)

PDF Trophy by nassi

The result made happy especially this is the second time I participated in Ludum Dare. Thank you very much for all people who played and rated my game and also who gave comment and feedback and also who gave me a trophy :). I also happy to spread the existence of pdf game, which after reading all the comments of my game, pdf games are still rare.  I also hope I can improve my skill for the future :)

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) is Finished!

Finally after several days, the 1.1.0 update has finished. It took a lot of times adding more assets, more dialogues, more concepts, and more. Also, the total page was 126 pages and after update, it is more than 500 pages. Even with 500 pages, the file size is only around 1.4 MB. You can visit the game page below to play it:


or to download page:


Also, some peek of the screenshots of the updated "A Knight and A Line".

New Title Screen (1.1.0)

New and revised prologue

New scene: facing a wolf

New event: reached dryland by boat (instead of directly went to dryland in version 1.0.1)

Also, here's the list of the update:

  • More scenes
  • More arts
  • Changed title art
  • More dialogues
  • Fixed some typos and grammar
I also have updated the description in the game page, to make it more fit with the setting of the game. Also, for a comparison with the previous update, the version 1.0.1 will still be available. Have fun and enjoy the new and longer adventure of the game!

Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: More Peeks

Still updating my pdf game "A Knight and A Line" with more contents. It was supposed to be finished previous week but I was busy so I couldn't finish it that time. So, I will show some progress I have made of this game.

Updated boat graphic.

A cave with sword inside. If you ever played "My Last Sandwich" (my boyfriend's game, NeithR) before, you might remember something.

A scene with ghost

All of that contents made the total pages currently more than 360 pages. The previous version was 126 pages. There will be more pages after all the scenes are added which probably will be more than 400 pages.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: A Little Peek

Still updating my pdf game "A Knight and A Line" (Game page here). Currently, I have done it for 5 hours. It is mostly focusing on concept of what I will add especially the events, choice, and little graphic for the implemented concept.

The previous version, there were 3 events. In the next update, there will be more than 10 events. Also, I added extra choice as well for the original events.

New area, evil dryland, dryland with thorns.

I will also add a new area. This one is evil dryland. It is a recolor of dryland but with some thorns, which indicates that it is close to the demon's castle.

I also added (1.1.0) in the title. Just to indicate updated new version of a finished game in the future. I will also add it in my previous "A Knight and A Line" post.

My Arts April 2015: Just Two...

Last month (April 2015), I only managed to draw just two of my poligonal drawing (excluding the drawing for my pdf game "A Knight and A Line"). Why two? As usual... busy :v.

For my new profile picture. Also attempted on drawing younger girl.

Pregnant Woman fanart from Lakeview Cabin, especially to participate in Lakeview Cabin Fan Art Challenge. I also one of the winner and got the Lakeview Cabin Collection game.

Yeah, so few last month. However, it will be many if the art from my game "A Knight and A Line" is included. Also, I haven't draw anything in this month May except for the update of game "A Knight and A Line".

Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: Updating With More Content

Several weeks have passed since I released "A Knight and A Line" (Game page here). Several weeks I felt that the game was too short than intended. So, this time I will update and add more content into the game. The screenshot below was initially intended to be in the game but because to of time constraint, I had to remove them. So, this time is my chance to add them into the game and also add more new content.

Facing the wolf

Boat to go to wasteland

Fire attack from long range

The update is expected to be finished this week. Also, there will probably more hundred pages added into the game. 

Rabu, 29 April 2015

My Arts March 2015: More of My Polygonal Arts

Two weeks ago, I posted my poligon arts which I drew only at February. This time is my arts I had drawn on March 2015. I didn't draw much at that month especially I was busier that day and did a game "Sihiru & A Spirit of Book" which involved drawing a lot of my own monsters. Also, at the middle of March I finally found my style I like more on drawing my character for future.

My character, Lemone Sourpie, practiced on rotating her head a bit.

A fanart of Kirby because I have been wanting to draw Kirby but didn't have idea what to draw back then.

An art trade with Picnicel. Also, this was the opportunity for me to train myself to draw a fur.

My character, a bucket, from my old flash game "Me, Wake Up!". It was often used to store liquid stuffs like milk, juice, and water in the game.

My boyfriend's (NeithR) character, Manggisa Steen. I tried on drawing charging aura on this one.

A faceset of Haruta Coldsky. The head style is based on my previous drawing of Haruta. This triggered my interest to draw my character in this style in the future.

My character, Jinda Modula. She didn't have first name when I released a game about her, only Dr. Modula. So, in this drawing I gave her first name too.

Yep, that's all of my drawing on March. Not so many as I said before, but at least I have learned the style I like more on drawing my character especially currently the head :3. 

Senin, 20 April 2015

A Knight and A Line

After thinking idea for the game for 2 days, finally found the idea on 3rd day. This game is entry for Ludum Dare 32 #LDJAM This is the first time I submitted a pdf game for a Ludum Dare. It actually took a lot of time thinking the idea especially the limitation of pdf file. Finally after struggles for days, I found the idea fit for the theme. After that, at the 3rd day I executed all the idea and finally finished:3.

TitleA Knight and A Line
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedApril 21st, 2015 GMT


Long ago, there was an island which lived in peace and harmony. It was a very nice place to live. One day, an evil demon attacked the island. It caused and spread evil to the island. A lot of monster appeared and caused evil to the island. The island was no longer at peace.
Several weeks later, a brave knight, wielding a line, was assigned to defeat the demon. The knight went into the journey to defeat the demon.

Jumat, 17 April 2015

Sihiru & The Spirit of Book - Progress: Start and Progress

Finally I decided to make an RPG game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I have been wanting to make an RPG especially after been making a lot of pdf games. Especially there are a lot of my concept which can only implemented on RPG.

I am making this game with my boyfriend, NeithR. He has also already made several games before in his own blog and also programmer of my old flash game, the "Me, Wake Up!" series. He will be the scripter and tile and sprite artist (especially pixel art) of this game while I will be story writer, databaser, artist (faceset, background, monsters, etc which is not pixel art), and other else I forgot to mention.

The story of game is about a witch named Sihiru Neither. One day, she sneaked into a forbidden library room, finding a book spell that will make her the most powerful witch. She accidentally opened a cursed book and she got sucked in the book. Inside the book, she met a spirit. The spirit told her that she can help Sihiru but she didn't have enough power to teleport Sihiru back. She asked her to destroy all the seals of the book that had been restraining her power. Sihiru agreed to destroy all the seal so Sihiru can return back to her world.

A faceset of Sihiru Neither

She wears half glasses because her right eye is myopia while her other eye is fine, inspired from my boyfriend who is a bit half myopia in one of his other eye and a bit half hyperopia in his other eye.

In this game player will have to solve puzzles and battle monsters. Some monsters will require puzzle skill or certain skill when defeating them. An example is a super fast enemy will require a slow or bind attack to defeat them. Another example when fighting a lot of enemies alone, a wide range magic will be required to defeat them all as quickly as possible before accepting damage from many of them.

A bit of my game progress. 
Note: The tile default RTP is only for placeholder. It will be replaced with my boyfriend's tileset and spriteset in the future.

This game will be a short game. The reason is to focus on making a reusable assets which can be used in the future and for the later game. They are the monster art, the tile, and the sprite.

Battle with the monster I made using my art style. 
Note: The battle HUD will be changed later.