Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Planning on Mini Series of "A Knight and A Line"

After resting from game development after releasing updated version of "A Knight and A Line", it is time making a new game :3.

I am still thinking with the idea for the next game. I am planning to have a mini series of "A Knight and A Line" I made several weeks ago. I was inspired from my old game "Me, Wake Up!" which also had its mini series.

Kamis, 14 Mei 2015

“A Knight and A Line” Entry Result in LD32

At May 11th ago, the result for Ludum Dare 32 was announced. My pdf game "A Knight and A Line" was an entry in the Jam category. So, here's the result:


I also got my first trophy from other participant nassi. Thank you very much, nassi! :)

PDF Trophy by nassi

The result made happy especially this is the second time I participated in Ludum Dare. Thank you very much for all people who played and rated my game and also who gave comment and feedback and also who gave me a trophy :). I also happy to spread the existence of pdf game, which after reading all the comments of my game, pdf games are still rare.  I also hope I can improve my skill for the future :)

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) is Finished!

Finally after several days, the 1.1.0 update has finished. It took a lot of times adding more assets, more dialogues, more concepts, and more. Also, the total page was 126 pages and after update, it is more than 500 pages. Even with 500 pages, the file size is only around 1.4 MB. You can visit the game page below to play it:


or to download page:


Also, some peek of the screenshots of the updated "A Knight and A Line".

New Title Screen (1.1.0)

New and revised prologue

New scene: facing a wolf

New event: reached dryland by boat (instead of directly went to dryland in version 1.0.1)

Also, here's the list of the update:

  • More scenes
  • More arts
  • Changed title art
  • More dialogues
  • Fixed some typos and grammar
I also have updated the description in the game page, to make it more fit with the setting of the game. Also, for a comparison with the previous update, the version 1.0.1 will still be available. Have fun and enjoy the new and longer adventure of the game!

Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: More Peeks

Still updating my pdf game "A Knight and A Line" with more contents. It was supposed to be finished previous week but I was busy so I couldn't finish it that time. So, I will show some progress I have made of this game.

Updated boat graphic.

A cave with sword inside. If you ever played "My Last Sandwich" (my boyfriend's game, NeithR) before, you might remember something.

A scene with ghost

All of that contents made the total pages currently more than 360 pages. The previous version was 126 pages. There will be more pages after all the scenes are added which probably will be more than 400 pages.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: A Little Peek

Still updating my pdf game "A Knight and A Line" (Game page here). Currently, I have done it for 5 hours. It is mostly focusing on concept of what I will add especially the events, choice, and little graphic for the implemented concept.

The previous version, there were 3 events. In the next update, there will be more than 10 events. Also, I added extra choice as well for the original events.

New area, evil dryland, dryland with thorns.

I will also add a new area. This one is evil dryland. It is a recolor of dryland but with some thorns, which indicates that it is close to the demon's castle.

I also added (1.1.0) in the title. Just to indicate updated new version of a finished game in the future. I will also add it in my previous "A Knight and A Line" post.

My Arts April 2015: Just Two...

Last month (April 2015), I only managed to draw just two of my poligonal drawing (excluding the drawing for my pdf game "A Knight and A Line"). Why two? As usual... busy :v.

For my new profile picture. Also attempted on drawing younger girl.

Pregnant Woman fanart from Lakeview Cabin, especially to participate in Lakeview Cabin Fan Art Challenge. I also one of the winner and got the Lakeview Cabin Collection game.

Yeah, so few last month. However, it will be many if the art from my game "A Knight and A Line" is included. Also, I haven't draw anything in this month May except for the update of game "A Knight and A Line".

Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: Updating With More Content

Several weeks have passed since I released "A Knight and A Line" (Game page here). Several weeks I felt that the game was too short than intended. So, this time I will update and add more content into the game. The screenshot below was initially intended to be in the game but because to of time constraint, I had to remove them. So, this time is my chance to add them into the game and also add more new content.

Facing the wolf

Boat to go to wasteland

Fire attack from long range

The update is expected to be finished this week. Also, there will probably more hundred pages added into the game.