Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Kuriwi Milkfruit

Redrawn my old oc, Kuriwi Milkfruit (the previous name was Kiwi Milkfruit) :3. Also, it is derived from my old chibi template, added with more improvements.
Kuriwi Milkfruit
The things I tried and learned on previous arts in the previous days, I applied in this art. I am glad it feels better than before :3.

Squeka's Art Study - Steak

Nom nom.
Made a steak, because I still remembered the other day I ate a meat. This is the simple phase. Will improve it in the future.

Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Meat (Highlight, More Shading, and Background)

Continued the meat I made in previous day :3. I added highlight and more shading. Also, for the last touch, I added background.

Meat (Highlight, More Shading, and Background)
Meat with Highlight, More Shading, and Background added
That's how far I can do. Not sure what should I add next. Probably some day if my art skill were more developed drastically, I probably will do more improvement with this art :3.

Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Meat (Shading and Bolder Lines)

Continuing the meat I made yesterday. So, I added shading and bolder line into the meat. For the bolder line, instead of changing the the weight of the line, I made another outline which similar with the meat's outline then fill the gap with color.
Meat with Shading and Bolder Lines added
Meat with Shading and Bolder Lines added
Usually, I have finished in this step. However, I want to go further than this. So, I will add something more from tomorrow :3.

Squeka's Art Study - Meat

Nom nom nom :3.
I just ate a meat today so I started drawing a meat. However, I will make it slowly :3. I will focus on outline and base color first :3.

Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Some Legs

Not sure how long I did, but probably around 5 minutes :3. Just made some legs. Also, I drew only few since time almost running out in daily challenge in streak club :3.
Some Legs
Some Legs
At first, I tried to draw a more detailed leg, but I couldn't. So, I tried to draw more simplistic legs like the chibis :3. Maybe I will do more with legs because I still had a lot of troubles drawing them :3.

Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Expression Faces

Finished studying on making face expressions for 100 minutes :3. I used the face from the previous drawing I made several days ago.

Expression Faces
Expression Faces
I tried many expression on her faces especially the eyes and the mouth. From this study, the direction of the line can affect of how the expression will look :3.

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - "Hello World!" Text

Finished making "Hello World" text. It is very short and I made it in less than 1 minute. I made it short since I haven't submitted to streak and I had little time left :3.

"Hello World!" Text
"Hello World!" Text
So, when making the text, I realized that I need to pay attention on text as well since I usually made my own title's text art each time I made a new game especially pdf game :3. Probably will do more text study in the future :3.

Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hair and Eyes Shading

Finished studying on hair and eyes shading for 100 minutes including the time for studying the references :3. So, I wanted to try something little new for the shading, especially the shading I did in the past still needs more detail.
Hair and Eyes Shading
Hair and Eyes Shading
So for the sample, I used the previous drawing of Tempa Soybean I did before for the study. I also did with 9 samples. For the number 9, I left it unshaded so I can use it for comparison with others. After that, I tried variety of hair and eyes shading I learned from the references I studied.
So, after the study, I feel I like the number 8 best. Also, for number 5 and 7 for the eyes, I think it is interesting for me to use it in certain cases :3.

Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hand Poses

Finally studied hand poses for 100 minutes :3. It should be done after the day I posted my OC's new outfit. However, I realized I was still very tired after doing my newest pdf game "A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms", especially I did a lot of arts in that game. I am glad that tiredness is slowly over :3.
hand poses
hand poses
So, I have tried to study hand poses which I still have problems until today, even I managed to draw some for my games. So, in this study, I tried to find a convenient way to draw hand. I tried a way from number 1 to 5, but I didn't find it convenient to me. So, from number 6 to 9, I tried to draw the structure based on the segments of the hand. I find it more convenient but I still did some mistakes. Also, I made the structure based on the hand poses photo I found in the google. First I find the photo as reference, then I drew the structure I learned from looking the photo hand. After that, without looking at the photo, I tried to draw hand again.
I am planning to do more hand poses study in the future, especially my target is to draw the hand without photo reference :3.

Senin, 15 Juni 2015

Planning More Art Study

Planning to do more art study especially I still feel missing with my art. Also, several days ago there were things I wanted to draw but I couldn't do it because of lacking of that knowledge which made me even more wanted to study more of the art :3.I feel still lack shading, human proportion, fur, texture, and many more

Also, I was inspired from my boyfriend's pixel art experiment and journal. So, in my study, I will call it "Squeka's Art Study" :3. Also, like him, I will measure how long I did that part of study.

Minggu, 07 Juni 2015

A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms

Finished making the sequel of my previous game "A Line and A Knight" (You can play the previous here) :3. It took a lot of time thinking the idea than the implementation, but I finally managed to finish them finally :3.

TitleA Knight and A Line
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 7th, 2015 GMT


Several weeks have passed since the defeat of the demon. Evil monsters appearance keep decreasing. With less evil monsters appearance, the peace is finally reached.

However, several days later, far away from a dark place, an evil creature appeared. This creature spreads poison from the dark place. Several days after that, poison gas appeared on the path of island. At first it was little. However, it became thicker and thicker. The path of the island’s air become poisonous. People who were outside far away especially adventurers and merchants got poisoned and some didn’t survive. People become unable to go far away now due to poison gas.

Several days later, a knight with the power of line, who defeated the demon several weeks ago, decided to go to find the source of the poison and defeat whatever behind it.

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

"A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms" - Progress: A Little Peek

Still making a sequel of "A Knight and A Line". It is "A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms". The idea took a lot of times than the execution, but I am not finished yet :3.

Walking inside the cave

Choosing between two paths

Also, sorry for the progress screenshot, I did a big mistake. Most of the scenes are surprise :P. Also, I submitted this for #screenshotsaturday in Twitter :3.

Kamis, 04 Juni 2015

This Person is Hungry

Made a short game for 1GAM month May (grace period). Fortunately the deadline timezone is PDT so I still have more time. Also, actually I am making a side game from "A Knight and A Line". Because it will take more times than I was planned, I decided to make a short game, inspired when I was hungry, which is also about food.

TitleThis Person is Hungry
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 5th, 2015 GMT


One day, a person is very hungry. Help the person choose the food. Because he is very hungry, he can’t notice what he will eat. Be careful when choosing the food.