Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Making Your First PDF Game Tutorial

Hello, Everyone!

Since I have been making a lot of PDF games, some people keep asking me how to make it or asking me to make a tutorial so I made this tutorial on how to make a pdf game. It is actually simple. The main part of pdf game is content, hyperlink, and pdf exporter :3.

Also, this is my first time making a pdf game tutorial! There might be some parts that is not clear. So, let me know your feedback :3.  Also, when doing the tutorial, you don't have to do exactly 100% of the steps as long you get the main point.

I will divide the tutorials into parts. Also I will post each part in this posts which links to separated parts.
  1. Part 1: Game Engine and PDF Plugin
  2. Part 2: Making Game Content
  3. Part 3: Hyperlinking
  4. Part 4: Export as PDF

More about making pdf game tutorial will be posted!
Also, if you have any question regarding making pdf tutorial, feel free to ask in the comment :3.

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