Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

Doing "Penguin & Nightcap" Game.

Right now I am doing for my next pdf game now :3. The game is called "Penguin & Nightcap". The game is about a penguin which lost its lovely nightcap because of the wind. The penguin chase the nightcap in the ice field.

The progress of the game is near from finish. The only I need to do now is adding text and hyperlink in the power point game. Also, some screenshot from my game progress from the prologues :3.

The game is planned to be released  today. Also, the amount of pages I have to made, it is twice a lot the the previous games :3.

-- Update:
Ok, I guess I will release it tomorrow since there are so many to hyperlink xD.
Also, it exceeds 110 pages xD.

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