Senin, 20 April 2015

A Knight and A Line

After thinking idea for the game for 2 days, finally found the idea on 3rd day. This game is entry for Ludum Dare 32 #LDJAM This is the first time I submitted a pdf game for a Ludum Dare. It actually took a lot of time thinking the idea especially the limitation of pdf file. Finally after struggles for days, I found the idea fit for the theme. After that, at the 3rd day I executed all the idea and finally finished:3.

TitleA Knight and A Line
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedApril 21st, 2015 GMT


Long ago, there was an island which lived in peace and harmony. It was a very nice place to live. One day, an evil demon attacked the island. It caused and spread evil to the island. A lot of monster appeared and caused evil to the island. The island was no longer at peace.
Several weeks later, a brave knight, wielding a line, was assigned to defeat the demon. The knight went into the journey to defeat the demon.

How to Play

  • Play by clicking the correct action choice. 
  • Right action choice will lead to next progress. 
  • Wrong action choice will lead to game over. 


  • Author: Squeka Artika
  • Game Concept: Squeka Artika
  • Artist: Squeka Artika
  • Font: Open Sans


> Version 1.0.0 (April 21st, 2015)
  • Game has been released!
> Version 1.0.1 (April 21st, 2015 GMT)
  • Revised incorrect phrase
  • Revised text at ending
  • Rehyperlinked entry link
> Version 1.1.0 (May 14th, 2015 GMT)
  • More scenes
  • More arts
  • Changed title art
  • More dialogues
  • Fixed some typos and grammar

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