Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

A Knight and A Line (1.1.0) - Progress: A Little Peek

Still updating my pdf game "A Knight and A Line" (Game page here). Currently, I have done it for 5 hours. It is mostly focusing on concept of what I will add especially the events, choice, and little graphic for the implemented concept.

The previous version, there were 3 events. In the next update, there will be more than 10 events. Also, I added extra choice as well for the original events.

New area, evil dryland, dryland with thorns.

I will also add a new area. This one is evil dryland. It is a recolor of dryland but with some thorns, which indicates that it is close to the demon's castle.

I also added (1.1.0) in the title. Just to indicate updated new version of a finished game in the future. I will also add it in my previous "A Knight and A Line" post.

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