Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hair and Eyes Shading

Finished studying on hair and eyes shading for 100 minutes including the time for studying the references :3. So, I wanted to try something little new for the shading, especially the shading I did in the past still needs more detail.
Hair and Eyes Shading
Hair and Eyes Shading
So for the sample, I used the previous drawing of Tempa Soybean I did before for the study. I also did with 9 samples. For the number 9, I left it unshaded so I can use it for comparison with others. After that, I tried variety of hair and eyes shading I learned from the references I studied.
So, after the study, I feel I like the number 8 best. Also, for number 5 and 7 for the eyes, I think it is interesting for me to use it in certain cases :3.

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