Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Squeka's Art Study - Hand Poses

Finally studied hand poses for 100 minutes :3. It should be done after the day I posted my OC's new outfit. However, I realized I was still very tired after doing my newest pdf game "A Line Knight and A Cave of Mushrooms", especially I did a lot of arts in that game. I am glad that tiredness is slowly over :3.
hand poses
hand poses
So, I have tried to study hand poses which I still have problems until today, even I managed to draw some for my games. So, in this study, I tried to find a convenient way to draw hand. I tried a way from number 1 to 5, but I didn't find it convenient to me. So, from number 6 to 9, I tried to draw the structure based on the segments of the hand. I find it more convenient but I still did some mistakes. Also, I made the structure based on the hand poses photo I found in the google. First I find the photo as reference, then I drew the structure I learned from looking the photo hand. After that, without looking at the photo, I tried to draw hand again.
I am planning to do more hand poses study in the future, especially my target is to draw the hand without photo reference :3.

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