Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon - Update 1.0.3: Quiz Mode + 21 Trophies + Scoreboard!

Finally finished Quiz Mode of pdf game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon"! Now you not only earn the pdf game but also earn trophies and score from playing the flash Quiz Mode! You can play the game in this game:

Title Screen (Quiz Mode)
In this mode, you answer all questions related with the original pdf game. You may also open the pdf game while doing the Quiz Mode, especially some questions are tricky.

Gameplay - Answering Question (Quiz Mode)
In this Quiz Mode, you can get 21 Trophies (from Bronze to Platinum in GameJolt). Also, you can compete to be the fastest answerer of all total quiz levels.

Achievement (Quiz Mode)
The Quiz Mode itself is published to flash platform. My usual programmer, NeithR (Thank you very much, NeithR! :3), programmed the flash game and also added the Gamejolt API using Haxeflixel to add the trophy and scoreboard.

I also updated the pdf games that warns user when using a pdf game reader that has problem with hyperlink. This update also recommends free pdf reader that is suitable to play pdf game. I also added Quiz Mode option in title screen.

I am planning to make more Quiz Mode for other PDF Games I have made in the past. The reason I made this Quiz Mode on this game first is because this is my first pdf game.

Lastly, enjoy! Have fun answering all the questions and earn those trophies and become one of the top in the scoreboard! :3

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