Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

Progress of "Quiz Mode" of PDF Game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon"

Currently making a quiz mode of my old pdf game "Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon". It will be released on flash platform and Gamejolt site. The reason I made the flash quiz is to be able to integrate with Gamejolt API which support highscore and achievement system. Also, it will be hard to add script to pdf game especially using the API on pdf game.

The quiz's questions and answers will be based on the content of the pdf game. The quiz itself will be open book so player can look the pdf game while also take the quiz and earn the achievement.

The quiz mode will be released this Saturday, but if not, it will be will this Sunday. It is almost finished but the game still needs more polish.

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