Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 1: Game Engine and PDF Plugin

Before starting to make a pdf game. You need some tools. So, in this tutorial I will explain what tool you need to make a pdf game.

Game Engine

The application I use is Microsoft Power Point 2007. You can try to use other version since I haven't tested it myself. This engine will be used to make the content. Also, in this whole tutorial, I will use Microsoft Power Point 2007.

If you use the 2010 or 2013, you can save as pdf without any plugin.

PDF Plugin

This one will be important especially to export your ppt/ pptx file from Power Point into pdf. Since Power Point 2007 can't save as pdf yet, you need to install its plugin first first.

You can download the plugin free (for 2007 only):

After you downloaded it, you need to install the plugin. Be sure the power point is not opened yet to apply the effect of the plugin. If you have succeeded installing it, open your power point and click this button like the image below.

After that, you click the right arrow beside the Save As. After that, you will see the option to save your power point file as PDF.

That's the tutorial of the game engine and the pdf plugin you need to make a pdf game. The next part 2 will be about Making Game Content,

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below.

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