Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014

Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 4: Export As PDF

Hello, Everyone! On previous part 3, I was teaching on how to hyperlink your game content. Now, since you have finished your hyperlinking, it is the final step! Exporting your file into pdf. This step is very short and simple!

Preparing to save as pdf

  • Click the Office Icon
  • Move mouse to right arrow beside "Save As"
  • Click "PDF"

Preparing to publish as pdf

  • (Optional) be sure the "Open file after publishing" is ticked on so you can check your pdf game result immediately after published
  • Click the Publish button
  • Your game is being exported to PDF, wait until it finished.

PDF Game Result:

Assume you have your pdf reader installed (like Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader), then you can immediately play your first pdf game! Click the text that you gave in the previous tutorial. It will go to other page and it will be like a gameplay depending on what your selection.

Congratulation! You have finished your first PDF game!  Also, this is the end of basic tutorial on how to make pdf game. I might still make tutorial about tips on making  making pdf game :3.

If you still have something to ask about making pdf game, feel free to ask me :3.

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below.

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