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Making PDF Game Tutorial Part 3: Hyperlinking

Hello, Everyone! Previous part 2, I was teaching on making the game content as step for making pdf game. After making the game content, it still can't be played yet as pdf game. You still need to hyperlink it first. This hyperlink will link an element (text, picture, etc) to other page.

Before we start on hyperlinking stuffs in this tutorial, I will teach you the the basic of hyperlinking. Be sure to master this basic technique because if you make a pdf game, you will always use this to link to other page and making gameplay by going to other page.

Now, for an example. 

  • Create a text in the slide 1 (the title screen)
  • Type "Hyperlink Example"

  • After that, right click the text. Be sure when right clicking, the mouse shows 4 ways icon, not the "I" shape (like shown in the image blow).

- Choose "Place in This Document". You will see list of slides . We will focus on the slides below the Slide Titles (from Slide 1 to Slide 4).

- In this example, we will click "Slide 3".
- After that, click the OK button. You are done.

For testing, go to Slide Show by pressing F5. You will see the Title Screen. Click the "Hyperlink Example" text you made. If you go to Ending Screen, then it works. Exit from Slide Show. Delete the "Hyperlink Example" text since it won't be needed anymore.

Now, since you have learned the basic on how to hyperlink, we can go forward to hyperlink our game.

In Slide 1 (Title Screen)

  • Give hyperlink to "Start Game", choose Slide 2

In Slide 2 (Gameplay)

  • Give hyperlink to "Fight", choose Slide 3
  • Give hyperlink to "Give up", choose Slide 4

In Slide 3 (Ending)

  • Give hyperlink to "Return", choose Slide 1

In Slide 4 (Gameover)

  •  Give hyperlink to "Return", choose Slide 1

Now, test it with F5. If it goes like the list above, then you are done making the game. Congratulation! Don't forget to save it! Then for the final step, you will need to export your file into a pdf file. I will explain it in the next part "Export as PDF".

Also, you can check the list of making pdf game tutorial by visiting this link below:

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