Kamis, 16 April 2015

My Arts February 2015: Deeper Start of My Polygon Style

So, after looking my boyfriend's blog, I decided to show my arts I made this year, especially my new art style that I have been experimenting. For the start, I will post that I made from month February. I will post the next month later. Also, the title "Deeper Start of My Polygon Style" is because I already used this style since my game "Count the 1!" but it wasn't as deep as these drawing.

A swimming duck.

My new profile picture which I used from february until april.

Wook-wook fanart from Wook n Friends. I made it for fun and especially when he appeared again after long time not seeing him on his facebook account.

A tree, especially experimenting on texturing.

My OC, Tempa Soybean, which drawn using my polygon style then converted to curve.

Kalameli's OC Medusa, especially to participate in her contest.

Evan's OC from Evacomics. I drew it for fun. Also, her comics are great for comparison between countries based on her experience.

An Art Trade with chaosmind, in exchange he drew my OC, Tempa Soybean with his style.

An onigiri which I made because I didn't eat any rice that day and I was hungry.

A carrot, because I didn't vegetable.

A drawing of my character from my first pdf game, Haruta's Adventure: Doors of Trap Dungeon. I drew her especially to try my new human style drawing and because of how I still remember her as my character of my first pdf game which I hardly forget.

A mushroom because I want to learn on how to draw tree further.

So, that's all the drawing I drew on month February. I will post more which I drew on month March. Also, I drew this many especially to participate in Daily Art 2015 streak challenge in streak.club which was made by the same person who made itch.io. No prize, but it is fun and great to train art skill and see how you develop. Also, it has streak challenge other than art and you can also make your own streak.

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