Jumat, 17 April 2015

Sihiru & The Spirit of Book - Progress: Start and Progress

Finally I decided to make an RPG game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I have been wanting to make an RPG especially after been making a lot of pdf games. Especially there are a lot of my concept which can only implemented on RPG.

I am making this game with my boyfriend, NeithR. He has also already made several games before in his own blog and also programmer of my old flash game, the "Me, Wake Up!" series. He will be the scripter and tile and sprite artist (especially pixel art) of this game while I will be story writer, databaser, artist (faceset, background, monsters, etc which is not pixel art), and other else I forgot to mention.

The story of game is about a witch named Sihiru Neither. One day, she sneaked into a forbidden library room, finding a book spell that will make her the most powerful witch. She accidentally opened a cursed book and she got sucked in the book. Inside the book, she met a spirit. The spirit told her that she can help Sihiru but she didn't have enough power to teleport Sihiru back. She asked her to destroy all the seals of the book that had been restraining her power. Sihiru agreed to destroy all the seal so Sihiru can return back to her world.

A faceset of Sihiru Neither

She wears half glasses because her right eye is myopia while her other eye is fine, inspired from my boyfriend who is a bit half myopia in one of his other eye and a bit half hyperopia in his other eye.

In this game player will have to solve puzzles and battle monsters. Some monsters will require puzzle skill or certain skill when defeating them. An example is a super fast enemy will require a slow or bind attack to defeat them. Another example when fighting a lot of enemies alone, a wide range magic will be required to defeat them all as quickly as possible before accepting damage from many of them.

A bit of my game progress. 
Note: The tile default RTP is only for placeholder. It will be replaced with my boyfriend's tileset and spriteset in the future.

This game will be a short game. The reason is to focus on making a reusable assets which can be used in the future and for the later game. They are the monster art, the tile, and the sprite.

Battle with the monster I made using my art style. 
Note: The battle HUD will be changed later.

There is already some progress I have made. I have finished most of the map and the monster arts using my own art style. I still have to finish the key story and databasing which is still a long way to go. Also, I am planning to use customized battle hud.

Another battle with other monsters with their art made using my art style.

A boss fight which art was made using my art style.

Lastly, this game is planned to be finished this year, especially I am busy in real life and my boyfriend has to finish his last semester college. However, I hope I can give a progress or maybe an art related with this game while the game is in progress. Also, I will still make a short game for 1GAM each month.

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