Rabu, 29 April 2015

My Arts March 2015: More of My Polygonal Arts

Two weeks ago, I posted my poligon arts which I drew only at February. This time is my arts I had drawn on March 2015. I didn't draw much at that month especially I was busier that day and did a game "Sihiru & A Spirit of Book" which involved drawing a lot of my own monsters. Also, at the middle of March I finally found my style I like more on drawing my character for future.

My character, Lemone Sourpie, practiced on rotating her head a bit.

A fanart of Kirby because I have been wanting to draw Kirby but didn't have idea what to draw back then.

An art trade with Picnicel. Also, this was the opportunity for me to train myself to draw a fur.

My character, a bucket, from my old flash game "Me, Wake Up!". It was often used to store liquid stuffs like milk, juice, and water in the game.

My boyfriend's (NeithR) character, Manggisa Steen. I tried on drawing charging aura on this one.

A faceset of Haruta Coldsky. The head style is based on my previous drawing of Haruta. This triggered my interest to draw my character in this style in the future.

My character, Jinda Modula. She didn't have first name when I released a game about her, only Dr. Modula. So, in this drawing I gave her first name too.

Yep, that's all of my drawing on March. Not so many as I said before, but at least I have learned the style I like more on drawing my character especially currently the head :3. 

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